Nightlife in Cary, NC

After date night in downtown Cary, North Carolina, enjoy nightlife in Cary at High House Billiards! Open until 2am every day of the year, we are your local spot for enjoying time with friends and making new friends!


We have 10 Brunswick Gold Crown V 9′ tables perfect for the serious pool player who wants to get better at their game or the group of friends who just want to have fun shooting pool. Prices for pool are by the hour and do vary based on the day and time, please ask at the bar.

Billiards not your thing? We also offer dart boards, corn hole, Golden Tee Golf, giant Jenga, and more! You can even just sit at the bar and watch TV, or enjoy music on our jukebox -which you can control with the AMI app! We allow smoking outdoors in our patio area.

Shoot Pool in Cary, NC

Drink Specials

Offering a variety of drink specials each night, you can end your evening at High House with a perfectly poured beverage of your choice. Choose from a nice selection of beer or ask for a mixed drink – our bartenders can make anything! Be sure to try our house shot, the Murph!


The Center of Cary Nightlife

Our goal is to be your last stop during a night out in Cary, NC! We are just minutes away from downtown Cary and not far from downtown Raleigh either, making us the perfect location to spend the rest of your evening! We are also near NC State, UNC, Meredith College, Peace College, and other universities – that Uber ride home will be much less than your college tuition! Check us out today!

Why Join a Pool League?

8 ball 2017 winners.jpg

We get asked all the time – why should I join a league? I just want to shoot pool. What’s the point?

Here are a few points:

  • Meet people!
  • Improve your game
  • Have fun with friends
  • Go to Vegas!

With a constant influx of new people through High House Billiards as well as the familiar faces here every week, we dare you to join the American Poolplayers Association league and NOT make a new friend!

Playing pool at least once per week  >  not playing at all! Rubbing elbows with people who have been playing for years (sometimes decades) as well as semi-pros will also greatly improve your game. Most people are more than happy to impart their wisdom, tips, and tricks on to listening ears. Especially if you’re willing to show up early for practice or stay late.

When you join a team, you become part of a group of people with very different backgrounds but with a similar goal: play pool.  Over the course of a session, you will become close with your teammates and get to know others in the bar as well. We’ve seen long-time friendships blossom over the course of a year of playing pool – and several couples too!

The ultimate goal every session is to win a trip to Vegas! Teams vie for a spot to Cities – where the best teams in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas play a huge tournament – and the winners go to Las Vegas to compete in the American Poolplayers Association World Qualifier! While a fund is provided to help offset the costs of travel expenses and hotel arrangements, the real money comes from winning big in Vegas.  It’s a dream many teams haven’t achieved yet, and some have achieved multiple times! Anyone can play, anyone can win!

if you’re interested in joining a team at High House Billiards, feel free to drop us a line or speak with one of our bartenders.  We’ll be happy to set you up with the right team for you!


What is defensive pool play?

When someone first starts playing pool (or billiards) the goal is to learn how to pocket balls. From easy straight-in shots just inches from the pocket to banking the length of the table, putting balls in pockets is the name of the game.

As you grow in your pool game, another important aspect to learn is defensive play. Why would you play defensively? Sometimes you aren’t able to run the entire table because a ball or two is locked up. Possibly your opponent is one who can definitely run the table if you allow them the opportunity to, so you don’t give them that chance to while you wait to more easily make other balls.

What is defense? A defensive shot is defined by the American Poolplayers Association (APA) as “a shot where there is no INTENT to pocket a ball”. This could be rolling the cue ball behind two of your balls so that your opponent can’t see theirs, or simply putting the cue ball on one end of the table while your opponent’s available balls are at the other end.

In APA league, players are required to mark their defensive shots on scoresheets. This will, in turn, affect their overall skill level, over time.  While generally the higher skill-level players are expected to play more defense, lower skill level players are encouraged to try defensive shots too! Be sure to notify your team and the opposing team’s scorekeeper after a defensive shot so that it can be accurately marked on the scoresheet.

What’s the best defensive shot you’ve ever played? Let us know on our Facebook page!

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Join us July 28th at 9pm for our 10 year Anniversary Celebration and Searchlight party!

We’ll have free food, cake, great drink specials, and more on our 10 year Anniversary party! We’ll have a searchlight brightening the night sky while we enjoy music, friends, and pool! Stop in for the night or just to say hi to Mindy and Brian.
THANK YOU to everyone who has visited High House Billiards over the past 10 years. We look forward to 10 more great ones!

6 and Under 9 Ball Cash Tournament


February 24th, 2018

6 and Under 9 Ball Cash Tournament

$20 entry fee
100% payout and HHB adds $$$ at 32 players!
Non-APA players will start the tournament as a 6 and rank will be adjusted if needed
Jump cues are allowed
Registration and free practice at 6pm, tournament to start at 7pm.
Single Modified format
Points races will be used

First 8 Ball Cash Tournament of the Year!

Enjoy playing pool and want to win some cash? Join us for our first 8 ball cash tournament of the year.

When: Saturday, January 13th
Time: Registration and free practice starting at 6pm, tournament starts at 7pm.
How much: $20 registration fee and we pay out 100%

Rules: We use APA rules with the exception that jump cues can be used. Races are modified based on handicap. Handicap is determined on your APA skill level; if you don’t play APA, you begin the tournament as a skill level 7, and will go down if the tournament director believes you to be lower ranked.

Call the 8 ball pocket. Time outs are not allowed.

Our tournaments are always fun and filled! Come early to make sure you get a spot!


Spring 2018 APA Session starting soon

Spring 2018 session of American PoolPlayers Association league is starting January 1st, 2018!

High House Billiards hosts league nights Monday through Thursday. Free practice available to APA players starting at 6pm and league starts at 7pm.

League is a fantastic way to make friends, enjoy competitive but friendly pool, and grow your game.  We take players of all skill levels, even those who have never played before!

Winning teams each session go on to cities tournaments, where teams from around the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas battle it out for a chance to go to Las Vegas and compete nationally!

Are you looking for a fun place to enjoy pool and relax after a hard day of work? Stop by High House Billiards and talk to one of our fantastic bartenders about joining a team! We are forming teams and adding players now for Spring session!

Annual Snow Party

December 2nd at 9pm: our Annual Snow Party!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at High House Billiards! Join us for our biggest event of the year: our annual Snow Party where we’ll have drinks, music, fun, and SNOW!
There’s no cover charge to have fun with us!
The more people the merrier, so be sure to invite your friends!

As part of our snow party this year we’re going to collect food items for the Dorcas Ministries Food Pantry.
Items most needed:
Breakfast cereal, oatmeal and granola
Baking mixes (Bisquick, pancake mix)
Flour, sugar, oil
Canned fruit and applesauce
Canned chicken and canned ham
Size 4-6 diapers
Paper towels and cleaning supplies
Shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent.

During the week leading up to the snow party we’ll have collection bins inside of HHB.Snow party photo

HHB 6 and Under 8 Ball Tournament

Saturday, November 4th with registration at 6pm, tournament starting at 7pm

Join us for a 6 and under 8 ball cash tournament!
Registration fee is $20
Free practice from 6 to 7pm.
We pay out 100% AND add money at 32 players
APA rules and races
Jump cues are allowed
Don’t play APA? That’s fine, we’ll start you as a 6 and move you accordingly

Our tournaments always fill up fast so get there early!

5 and Under 9 Ball Cash Tournament

Saturday October 7th, 2017, join us for a 5 and under 9 ball cash tournament! We use American Poolplayers Association skill levels and races to determine handicaps for our tournament.  Never played before? You’ll come in as a skill level 4 and rank will be adjusted based on your play.

All tournament entry fees are $20 and we pay out 100%! We also add money when we get to 32 players, so bring your friends and family! Tournaments are fun and competitive.

Fast Facts:
-Saturday October 7th
-Free practice and registration at 6pm
-Tournament start time 7pm
-$20 entry fee
-9 Ball Ranks and Races
-5 and under only

Check our Facebook page for more information and to see photos of our players!